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About Us

We supply comprehensive support to customers in both the public and private sectors encompassing a variety of social and commercial assignments ranging from new build to the conversion or refurbishment of both vacant and occupied premises working with many of industry's leading organisations.

Our objective is to be meaningfully involved in a common purpose with our customers, to be receptive to their requirements and to communicate a shared approach to the projects needs, developing and maintaining safe, effective working relationships and creating valuable operational standards.

In setting a benchmark for quality and innovation all contracts are undertaken in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Assured operating procedures, in addition to which we are members of the trade organisation to the industry, The Drilling and Sawing Association.

Our experienced customer support is always on hand to listen carefully, to help and advise on all aspects of drilling, sawing and controlled demolition in order to enhance our service.

Our methods of controlled demolition incorporating the use of diamond tools and hydraulic equipment in the adaption or disposal of redundant structures presents unvarying critical precision and the highest degree of productivity, together with the maximum on-site safety and environmental effectiveness, creating the least amounts of dust, noise or disturbance while completing in the shortest of times, producing significantly reduced total project cost and creating an outcome with which to be justafiably proud.